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Welcome to Elite Dream Cars™ -- Los Angeles' premier exotic car rental and exotic car experience company, featuring "ultra-exotic" and luxury cars from the most exclusive manufacturers in the world, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, and more.

Elite Dream car has been in the automotive business for a long time and we have a fleet of exotic rental cars that have made hundreds of our clients' dreams come true. Whether you need to rent one of our exotic cars for yourself, treat a friend to an exotic car driving experience, or spend a night on the town with a client in a Ferrari, Elite Dream Cars will make it happen. Get ready to learn why we're the most trustworthy, most fun and, well, most awesome company around.

Elite dream Cars is a licensed car dealer and rental provider offering exotic cars located in the heart of City of Industry. Throughout the years, Elite Dream Cars have been recognized for providing excellent customer service in the exotic rental car industry, and we offer competitive deals on exotic vehicles. At Elite Dream Cars we offer first class service exotic and luxury car rental to all of our renters in a fun, affordable and lively atmosphere. Elite Dream Cars caters to celebrities, professional athletes, royal families, local business owners and travelers across the globe, all of whom are welcomed into a friendly office by our experienced rental agents.

Additional Exotic / Luxury Rental Services

  • LAX/ONT/SNA/LGB Airport Rental curbside pickup available for a small fee
  • Vehicle drop off to residences and businesses (within 15 mile radius)
  • Customer chauffeured pick-up and drop-off (within 15 mile radius)
  • Hotel Delivery
  • Chauffeured Rentals
  • Affordable Competitive rates on all vehicles (we can match any quoted rental rate)


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   Drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari now. To Reserve your Elite Dream Cars, please call us at 800-931-1558.